Salionic Weightless Hydrating Eye Lash Serum

It’s the first-of-its kind to provide effective anti-microbial cleansing AND deep hydration for natural and synthetic lashes and skin in a hypoallergenic, weightless, residue-free serum. By maintaining the health of the lashes and eye lid skin, Salionic eye lash serum lengthens the retention rate and reduces touch-up time for lash extensions.


Salionic is 100% organic and pure. Made from pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, Salionic eye lash serum is hypoallergenic and safe to use as often as you like.


Salionic’s one-of-a-kind formula delivers unprecedented, deep hydration that makes lash extensions supple and life-like, promotes growth of natural lashes and maintains skin health without leaving any residue.


Salionic’s anti-microbial cleansing power kills bacteria and fungus to reduce the risk of eye and skin infections and irritations. Safe for use around the eye area with no fumes or burning residue.
The revolutionary hydrating Eye serum that is changing the world.

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